Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mortuary, Suppressed Memories, If We Die Tomorrow

As we have stated before the German scene is the forerunner of the hardcore scene, and today we would like to share 3 new bands to keep an eye out for.

First up is death-core band Mortuary. These guys feature blasting drums and howling guitars but the vocals seem to lay some where outside the typical death metal growl. While it is nothing original or earth shattering it is something I will keep my eye on as there IS talent there. Check Mortuary out HERE.

Suppressed Memories is next up. The sole sample gave me wanting more. The music, fast paced hardcore, flirts with elements from punk to metal. I really enjoy the vocals sound as he goes from a yelp to a very natural sound.

I can not wait to see more from this outfit! Check it out HERE.

Lastly is If We Die Tomorrow. IWDT is very talented hardcore. Mid-paced tempo, full of two step blasts and some great drop off breakdowns, the transitions are great! The vocals have some melodic fills near the chorus on one of the samples but the majority seem to be belted out powerfully.

Fortunately it does not look we will have to wait too long to get to check these guys out, as OPOS records has announced the debut release by them. I am sure I speak for everyone her at Uprise Direct when I say we look forward to getting our hands on it.

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