Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guns of the Patriots, Blood Order Co., Slap In The Face

New Italian band Guns Of The Patriots, are scheduled to perform live at Skinhouse Itlaia with UK legends Bulldog Breed. GOTP could be described as hardcore/metalcore with undertones of melodic work. The arrangements at times remind me of Ttania, mainly because of the obvious energy the singer conveys while performing. At times the vocals are sung in a full melodic style, obviously influenced by today's popular emo scene.

The band has only released a self titled demo to date, but I look forward to any future releases by this outfit. Samples of their music is available HERE.

Blood Order Company has been in the studio for several weeks now are almost completely wrapped up recording for their newest release. The band said they need to finalize a few details and send it off for mastering.

Uprise Direct is scheduled to sit down with the guys from the band in the near future for a candid interview in addition to some bonus video material.

Mentioned previously, on Uprise Direct, was the side project of Dirty Chris of Attack/No Alibi/Kill or Be Killed and Reno of White Wash/Straight Laced Nightmare. Samples of this earlier announced project have become available online HERE.

The project, titled Slap In The Face, is aggressive oldschool hardcore. While the band plans to release with German label OPOS records, the entire line-up is uncertain and whether or not this will be a live performing band is yet to be determined. We hope hitting the stage is in the plans for the future.

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