Thursday, May 14, 2009

IN REVIEW: No Quarter, Heysel, English Rose/Kill Baby Kill

No Quarter - Fields of Glory
(1998 Independent Voice Records)

This CD was given to me by suggestion several weeks ago, after never seriously listening to this side project of Billy & Lyndon from Celtic Warrior, I must say I was amused and later enjoyed this contribution. The opening track is kind of deceiving as it is hard hitting RAC, yet the next two tracks deivate away from that sound quickly.

This CD is definately a throwback not only is it over ten years old but musically-and even lyrically-geared in an 80's style. Influences range from AC/DC, Manowar, Iron Maiden and even Cheap Trick. This CD easily gets stuck in your head and you will know all the songs, word for word, too shortly. This CD may not be for you, but it most definately is for that uncle who still wears acid washed jeans with tattered knees, Reebok Pumps and drives his Monte Carlo SS with the tee tops off so his perm can flow in the wind...However, you may have to copy it to cassette for him. ~Doug Sacred
01. Berserker (4:02)
02. White Heat (2:27)
03. One of the Boys (3:00)
04. Ride on to Valhalla (3:55)
05. Lost and Lonely (3:43)
06. Mr. Nine to Five (2:23)
07. Turn Up the Night (3:24)
08. With the Gods of War (4:33)
09. Fields of Glory (7:01)

Heysel: Violent Justice
(1999 Nordland Records)

Brutal oldschool styled Swedish hardcore, this kick-ass mini CD features Drew from Blue Eyed Devils on back up vocals making the 6 tracks explosively memorable. The album is easily one of the most overlooked and underrated hatecore albums ever released in my humble opinion. Definitly a worthy addition to any collection. ~Steve Skam
01- Dirty Leeches
02- Bloodhound
03- Violent Justice
04- Don't Be A Victim
05- Eternal Life
06- Cradle Of Hate

English Rose/ Kill Baby Kill: Good Night Left Side
(2006 Good Night Left Side Records)

Awesome split cd featuring RAC legends English Rose and the up and coming (at the time of release date) band out of Belgium; Kill Baby, Kill. While both bands show superior musical craftmanship, it was KBK that stole the spotlight, leaving everyone in the scene curious to their future. ~Steve Skam

01- You'd Better Heed This Warning (English Rose)
02- Traitor (Kill Baby Kill)
03- Come and Take Your Place (English Rose)
04- Skins Don't Run (Kill Baby Kill)
05- Shoulder to Shoulder (English Rose)
06- We've got the Power (Kill Baby Kill)
07- The Nation Burns (English Rose)
08- Child Molester (Kill Baby Kill)
09- We're Number One (English Rose)
10- A.C.F. (Kill Baby Kill)

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