Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rick's Pick: Brainwash - Moments of Truth; Blood Order Co.

The past few weeks I have been posting CD`s that are on the top of my playlist. Along side the previously Rick's Ricks, this week`s pick has been in constant play this entire time. I find myself listening to it more than any other CD I currently own. The Brainwash "Moment Of Truth" CD has got to be, in my opinion, the best metal CD to come out of our scene.
This CD is straight out metal with political and revolutionary lyrics. My favorite of which being the song "Thank You," which expresses disgust with all the corruption and degradation to our society. The song ends brilliantly with repetition of the line, "...Destroy what is destroying you!" ~Rick 56
Honestly, I have to agree in this being one of the best releases to date! Out of my large collection, the CD never wonders too far from the player. ~Doug Sacred

Unfortunately our previously scheduled sit down with the members of popular metalcore at Blood Order Company has been postponed indefinitely. We will still be providing an interview with the band in the very near future, just not as originally planned.

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