Friday, May 22, 2009

Bully Boys, Uwocaust & Friends, Noie Werte

Scott and the boys are reportedly in the studio working on the latest Bully Boys release to follow "Hard Times Hard Measures." There is not an official release date available yet but it is being released with Germany's PC records. We hope to get a chance to talk with PC records in the very near future to discuss this as well as a number of different things.

Bully Boys recently played in Greece and is scheduled to perform in the Czech Republic, with H8machine, later this summer. Icluded below is live footage of Bully Boys playing in Greece.

The Uwocaust & alte Freunde release "Feindbild" is scheduled to be release on LP by 4U Vinyl. The album will be limited is 415 pieces, including 125 on yellow vinyl and 290 on black.

German RAC band Noie Werte has produced a music video for their track "Moment of Truth" off of their latest album "Twenty." NW had a line up change at drums, previous to the recording of "Twenty," when long time drummer Stephan left to perform in Fuast and the drummer Sascha from Carpe Diem and Odem filled in. Since then original guitarist Olli has departed the band.

However recently, NW has announced that they will play for the first time in 3 years in Italy this July. Fans interested in checking out the video can visit it HERE. the music video can be found under the "Music" section as "Video"

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