Thursday, May 28, 2009

IN REVIEW: Joe Frustration, Painful Awakening, Straight Laced Nightmare

Joe Frustration: No Way Out
(2007 Plague Within records)

Solo project from Joe (Tears Of Frustration, Last Battalion, Across The Hudson, Hatelordz, H8machine, ect). Definitly highly recommended if you're into oldschool sounding hardcore with real everyday life lyrics. Not to mention he covers YDL's Blue Pride making this album an instant classic in my opinion. Definitly worthy of picking up, you wont be disappointed. ~Steve Skam

01- Hold Your Breath
02- Can't Win
03- Just One Day
04- No Way Out
05- Nothing To Cherish
06- Still In The Game
07- What The Fuck?
08- I Thought I
09- Timebomb
10- Waste Away
11- Desocialize
12- I Don't Know
13- The Reason Why
14- Life's Death
15- I Won't Change
16- The Workers Come First
17- Blue Pride (YDL Cover)

Painful Awakening: The Reality Hurt
(2008 PC records)

New school H8core/ metalcore release from Germany. Nothing over the top or spectacular but a good solid release overall with replay value if you're a fan of heavy agressive music. ~Steve Skam

01- Intro
02- Painful Awakening
03- Break the Chains
04- Side by Side
05- We..ll stay strong
06- Peace
07- A.C.A.B.
08- A Traitor Like Judas
09- H-F-K Lovesong
10- Where Is He
11- Fight Their Lies
12- Outro

Straight Laced Nightmare: The Comfort You Give Is My Torment
(2005 North X records)

Excellent and above average release from the White Wash guys. If you're a fan of angry, in your face, pull no punches, old school influenced hardcore/ Oi-core then this album is for you. ~Steve Skam

01- Did You Tell The truth?
02- Take A Swing
03- Straight Edge Nightmare
04- Stay Away
04- Things Are Not As They Seem
05- Pugilistic Dementia
06- Destroy Yourselves
07- The Comfort You Give Me, Is My Torment
08- Your Name Is Satan
09- One Step
10- Lies, Smiles, And Handshakes
11- Set In My Ways
12- Did You Tell The Truth? (live)
13- The Comfort You Give Me, Is My Torment (live)
14- Take A Swing (live)
15- Pugilistic Dementia (live)
16- Your Name Is Satan (live)
17- Set In My Ways (live)

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