Saturday, May 16, 2009


The vocalist of H8machine, Dennis Dent, participated in an interview for a recent issue of Spin magazine. In the interview Dennis drew comparisons between the success of Rage Against the Machine and other openly communist bands versus his band. The article, which was published, apparently never cited the interview with Dennis.

However, another interview with Dennis did get published in the current issue of Heeb magazine. The article by Maxwell Williams discusses the evolution of the "skinhead movement," which puts H8machine proudly at the front. When Williams asked about the this specifically, Dennis replied, "Realistically, 99 percent of the songs that I write have nothing to do with race. Any song could be read into and perceived any way [the listeners] want."

Dennis would go on later to ask why is it that he must dissociate himself for success? He then affirms that there are plenty of bands that are anti-white and openly violent. Perhaps this very notion is the reason his interview never made it to the pages of Spin. Does the same message being sent from other lips communicate differently? Obviously.

H8machine has helped to raze some of the horrid music of our past and build new stronger messages. As the quality of music productions being released increase, our message can only persevere. We applaud the bands that push relentlessly forward in a progressive manner. The continued eschewing of our music only drives us further, in turn, only making our voices louder.

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