Saturday, May 23, 2009

Der Stürmer, Frontalkraft, Rebel Hell, Voice of Justice

Furore Finnum of Finland is organizing the profeesional DVD release of Greek black metal band Der Stürmer. Production is set to begin as the band is finalizing material, and the unofficial date for release is August of this year. The DVD will be limited to 500 copies.

Frontalkraft is rumored to begin working on a new album; most likely with Rebel records of Germany. Frontalkraft was featured on the Rebel records Berlin-Brandenburg 2 compilation.

Detroit's own heavy hitting rockers Rebel Hell have been working on a new album. The new installment is titled "Hell Hammered," and is reportedly due out this June on 2yt4u records. 2yt4u is also scheduled to re-release the "Ancient Blood" album originally released on TK Versand records in 2007.

Hungary's Voice of Justice has reportedly finished recording for their debut album.

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