Friday, May 8, 2009

This Month's Featured Artist: H8machine

This month's featured artist are New Jersey heavy hitters H8machine. Since the band's creation, following the demise of Dying Breed, the band has focused on producing quality hardcore. While the band was rumored to have broke up for some time during the mid 2000's they came back in full force with their latest release, "One Less Reason To Smile," to further reinforce they are still one of America's leading outfits.

While the band has had several membership change-ups, H8machine has filled the ranks with a sort of all-star line-up now. Original member Dennis is the lead vocalist and original guitarist, before it became a 4 piece outfit. Now on guitars, Joe Frustration of Hatelordz, Last Batallion, Across the Hudson, Tears of Frustration, Grom and of course his self titled work, has been a strong additon to the band. In addition to the two Jersey members is Orange County native Roy on bass. Known for his work in Aggressive Force, Final War, Cut Throat, Tri-City Trashed, Warfare 88 and most recently his works with Big Ed up in Minnesota; Roy brings a large ammount of creative talent to the band as well. Recently the band has added a new drummer to the ranks, and is scheduled to play several European shows this summer.

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