Saturday, February 27, 2010

In Review- Stonehammer, Cross

Below are two reviews of Canadian bands sent to us from Shaun. These reviews originally appeared in the Red Ensign.

Stonehammer- Live in Finland (Standtogether)

Griffin has been in many great bands such as Vacant Lot, Aryan as well as his Solo albums and many collaborations' with other bands and artists. It's easy to put out a great Studio album, but some bands don't have the sauce when it comes to a live show and even if they can deliver the goods live it doesn't always transfer well recorded. Stonehammer have managed to do an awesome job with this one and they didn't leave room for excuses. Griffin likes to pay tribute to other bands so there are some well done covers on this too. Total track list of 19 songs that won't disappoint.

Cross- Rise And Conquer

When it comes to Canadian RAC a lot of people abroad mainly know bands such as Aryan, Odin's Law, Vinland Warriors and of course RAHOWA, so I would like to reintroduce the best Canadian band of the genre Cross. They put out one record on Rock o Rama back in 1992. The musicianship and songwriting is second to none. Unlike many they did not try to emulate or copy other bands and put out one of the most unique/original RAC albums of all time. If you own this and have not listened to this in a long while now is the time and for those of you who have not heard this album yet do whatever it takes to get your hands on a copy. I'll finish this off with a quote from Joe Hated "Cross are the Arresting Officers of Canada or at least the Elite Terror" I
couldn't agree more.


  1. Thanks Rick and the rest of you guys at Uprise Direct. Keep up the good work and anytime I get a chance to write some reviews, I'll make sure to send them your way.

  2. awsome band, probally heard this when it first came out in the early 90's to this day Canada rise up is the best pro canadian song i've ever heard.. actually makes me proud to be a canuck!