Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Releases- Tribute To Clem Tholet, Tsyrulnia, Sturmwehr & Sleipnir Split, Sokyra Peruna, Division Voran

Story Of Rhodesia- Tribute To Clem Tholet
Published by Hrungnir Records / Tholet Clem (1948 - 6 October 2004) was a Rhodesian folk singer who got his popularity in the 70s for his Rhodesian patriotic songs. The absolute amount he received during the Rhodesian bush war! He is celebrated among the whites in Africa and around the world as the Rhodesian national hero par excellence. This disc is dedicated to him. A forgotten land. Forgotten melodies. Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) - once led by a white minority government, isolated from the West and fought by communist imperious Terrorverbaende. A tribute album to this uncommon land and on their meaning, patriotic songwriter Clem Tholet. Track 1 tells the story of Rhodesia in English. Title 2: Rhodesian never die (Anspieltip!). Title 3: With his hands and 4.Titel: Rhodesian never die (instrumental). Total time of CD: 24:28 min.

The new cd of Tsyrulnia titled Song 88 is out. This is a co-production between 4 labels:
MKM Records, Monsters of RAC, OSS Shop and Solnechny Krest

PC Records has two more new releases out now. A split ballad cd between Sturmwehr & Sleipnir titled Europäischer Traum (European Dream) and a new cd from Sokyra Peruna titled Invictus.

Levensboom also has a ballads cd released from Division Voran. A compilation preview is posted below

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