Saturday, March 13, 2010


From the Tattooed Mother Fuckers/ Mother Fucking Sounds newsletter-

The TMF- Hey Ho Let`s Go 7 inch vinyl has already sold out. It is being repressed in red white and blue

Mother Fucking Sounds news:

We are very busy with 'Mother Fucking Sounds' and there is a lot lined up already, and more things at the early planning stage. Going to the factory to be made in the coming weeks are the following titles:

Various Artists - Oi! Fuck You / Best Of British Volume 1 (re-issue with full colour booklet + bonus tracks)

Donars Groll - Von Liebe, Hass und alten Riten (German 3 piece in the style of Ultima Thule)

These titles should be closely followed by some other great stuff, such as:

Bakers Dozen & Skin Full - split CD.

Tattooed Mother Fuckers & The London Diehards - split CD.

Insane Youth - Wasted Lives mini CD (new school of Oi!/punk)

Various Artists - Oi! We Still Say Fuck You compilation CD.

Links to band page and store here

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