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Jan Peter Interview

As with tradition here at Uprise Direct, we try and bring you a new interview every Sunday as they are available. Below is an interview with Jan Peter that was originally posted at
Credit for the interview is given to Costas Macedon / March 2010

Hi Jan Peter! First to thank you for this small talk. Go about one year from your appearance in our country. What do you remember from that night?

Welcome! The night that the Skinhouse was wonderful and we really liked the atmosphere and the people found there. The truth is that I did not visit Greece again and I wanted some time to be an opportunity to do so. Too bad we did not have time to see several monuments, over a castle in the area (SS mean the Castle of Platamonas). Certainly I have in my plans to travel to your country again sometime! Also do not forget to mention the night before that the live ... The hospitality was amazing you. I do not think it will easily forget what we experienced in Greece, even though we stayed there for only two days.

Are you a guitarist, singer, songwriter and always writing lyrics, participating in Sleipnir but also develop and staff your project. Tell us about all these interests.

I started to write verse several years ago to express my thoughts. Will always be in my mind to develop and music. Today, my main hobbies have to do with Projekt Vril band and solo projects that I have. The Projekt Vril is a politicized metal band, while the more personal my work I try to express some of my own thoughts and situations. Parallels as reported and Sleipnir, but in terms of my involvement today is limited only to concert level.

We have no news from the camp of Sleipnir; last we heard some audio tracks on a split cd with Sturmwehr.

Yes, Marco released this job with singer Sturmwehr. The other band members did not participate in this process. It is now clear that Marco move personnel material with the name of Sleipnir. We have just completed three weeks of recording for the first Project Vril album, so in the Sleipnir, I have to say many things ...

And what about your personal project; will continue with another job? Have something future in the making?

Recorded a rock song for a split EP with the Polish band The Invasion. Soon will be released even by Nadsat Productions. These three pieces, one on each side plus one that we wrote together. Right now I'm in the studio to record some songs with the Russian band Russkij Stjag and even look forward to this release! Always have in mind something comprehensive, but I do not know when to do it ... He wants peace and time to do so, moreover, over half the tracks already exist, but so far only in my mind.

How important do you think that is politically oriented music for the purpose? Is an essential instrument of propaganda today?

Hmm .. Basically I think it is so important in the way I think you raise. Basically I feel that music is a personal development route. Of course good music with clever lyrics can be used as a means of propaganda, we do not deny. But multifunctional so the thing I think. It is much more important to tell people around you what happens in the world today ... For injustice, globalization, the destruction of our land, the loss of our identity, I know what I mean.

I mentioned some of my personal influences your ...

Surely every style that I listen to influences. This is not something specific. To mention some of my favorite bands, I would say the Blood for Blood, Skrewdriver, Skullhead, Kolovrat, Honor, Hassgesang, Meteors, Andre L├╝ders, Johnny Cash, Bound for Glory, Squadron, ZetaZeroAlfa, Primordial and Bathory ...

Participates in the piece "Haltet stand" in the forthcoming collection "Freedom - Freedom - Liberte - Freiheit - Libertad", which is dedicated to Greek comrades persecuted by the state. Tell us something about your participation is.

I was asked to participate and I accepted immediately. Solidarity me around what happened is given. I hope a happy end to this case.

I mentioned my some of the historical figures you admire.

I have some old German books on Plato. I can not say that I agree wholeheartedly with this, but on the doctrine on the soul I can not disagree. Also studied some years ago by Homer's Iliad, really impressed ...

If tomorrow you had the opportunity to travel in time with a proud past and as cultural achievements, what was it and why?

I believe in the evolution of culture and promoting the soul, so post-mortem on the theories I think I've lived in some way in ancient times or that it will live at some point. Time is just a word and may have some importance in today, but certainly no limits to eternity. Sure I hate this century of decline at every level and I want to live in a world best. But it was my choice of the soul to be born here and now we have to fulfill my mission. However, I wanted to see how my ancestors lived. A life fully connected with Mother Earth! It is so difficult to call this thing where it once was ...

Very well then! Thanks again. The last words your own.

I am grateful to you for your interest, holds up his head and not compromising what happens! In those children experienced the vindictive fury of the state, to stay strong because it can be physically detained, but their spirit will remain forever free. Intellectual Freedom break every chain. Stay strong

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