Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Evil Incarnate 7" and Upcoming Full Length

Controversial death metal band and Kings Of Blasphemy- Evil Incarnate will have their new 7" released shortly on Bestial Invasion Records. This 7" will feature the songs Fortress Of Sodom and Gospel Of Blasphemy. Mp3's of the 2 coming new tracks can be listened to at the bands official site here. Announcements will be made soon as to the title, label('s) and release date of the coming full length cd/lp.

"For All True Die hard old school Blackened Death Thrash Freaks. This is a continuation of the Campaign against The Earths Cancer in the Judaic Christian and Zionist Filth that infests our World. Sheep and the Blind Fools of this World Beware."

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