Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wolf Tyr Updates- Piarevaracien, Lord Wind, Robert N. Taylor

* Wolf Tyr Productions are proud to present:
Piarevaracien- Down the Broken Path

Piarevaracien are from Belarus, and play Pagan Black Metal with Folk elements. This is their debut full length, and was originally released in only CIS States. This is the first time it is available worldwide. This release has 100% new artwork, and also includes a Video Track! Musically the band is similar to Absurd (DEU) and Temnozor (RUS)!!

* Up next is the re-release they are doing with No Colours in Germany of Lord Wind- Atlantean Monmument cd in 2-3 months!

* They are also releasing a book by Robert N. Taylor sometime this Summer. He is 50% of the Neo-Folk group Changes from the USA. This book will be full of his essays, articles, poetry artwork and whatever else he wants in it. The content of the book will reflect his Asatru/ Odinist views, and mead-making. He was one of the main people Spearheading the movement in the USA!

*You can visit Wolf Tyr on my space here

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