Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pacto de Sangre, Nuremberg, VII Batallon de la Muerte

Members of Spain`s Brigada Totenkopf have a side project titled Pacto de Sangre. Their new cd titled El Significado De La Vida has been released by Distrito 38. Pacto de Sangre- El Significado De La Vida translates to Blood Covenant- The Meaning Of Life

A new cd from Argentina`s Nuremberg titled Camarada was released not long ago by GKS33. Those unfamiliar with Nuremberg can read more about them in their bio posted on their my space here

VII Batallon de la Muerte`s
recordings of Semper Patriae Servire Praesto and the Tribute To Absurd albums will be resumed after July of this year. Also the album El Libertador will be released by Frenteuropa Records very soon in a special format

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