Tuesday, February 2, 2010

German Deathcore- Sharon Tate, Painful Awakening, Mortuary, Sawcross Lanes

While hardcore music seems to be the big thing right now, there are more and more metal influenced bands coming out of Germany. Along with Brainwash, Moshpit and Painful Awakening, Sharon Tate, Mortuary, and Sawcross Lanes are three more bands to look out for.

Sharon Tate features members of My Black Serenade, Moshpit and Brainwash and plays some killer Swedish influenced deathcore. They formed back in 2007 but haven`t officially released anything yet. We have been informed they will have a mini cd out later this year on OPOS Records. You can check a sample of their music on their my space here

Mortuary has a demo song on their my space here. We have not heard of an upcoming release yet but I personally am looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

Painful Awakening is a band I have really liked since first hearing them. They had two songs on the Hardcore Until The End compilation cd and later released their full length on PC Records. They also have a new song on their my space and have told us they hope to have a cd by the end of the year

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