Saturday, February 6, 2010

Burzum: Album Update

As March and April approach us in the new year, one thing that people have been pondering is the latest release from Varg Vikernes and his one-man Black/Folk Metal band, Burzum. Originally entitled, "Den Hvite Guden" or "The White God", in English; but due to Norwegian PC standards and backlash, Varg has had to rename the album as well change the cover art. Though it has been stated many times by Varg, according to his website, that 'The White God' is a name for the Norse Pagan God, Baldur; many of Norway's critics have deemed it as as many things as your imagination can come up with about the true intent. Choosing "Belus", also another name for the God, Varg still presses on to release the album sometime in March/April.

Burzum - Belus

Lukans Renkespill (Lukan's Revenge)
Belus' Død (Belus' Death)
Glemselens Elv (The River of Forgetfulness)
Kaimiadalthas' Nedstigning (Kaimadalthas' Descent)
Besøk Til Kelio (Visit to Kelio)
Alvenes Dans (Elves Dance)
Alvegavene (The Elven Gifts)
Sverddans (Sword Dance)
Keliohesten (The Kelio Horse)
Morgenrøde (Dawn's Red)
Belus' Tilbakekomst (Belus' Return)

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