Thursday, February 25, 2010

PC Records New Releases- White Rebel Boys, ISD Memorial Kiew

PC Records has two new releases out. The first is the debut cd from White Rebel Boys titled White Songs- Full Of Hate. This is a nice melodic RAC cd. Promo track here

The second cd is the ISD Memorial Kiew cd. It is a live cd recorded at the Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial last October in Kiev, Hauptstadt Ukraine and had around 450 people in attendance. The whole CD contains 22 songs and runs over 78 minutes with songs from Arja Varta, Anti-System, Sokyra Peruna, Ataka28, T.N.F., Warlord, Sachsonia and Sleipnir. This cd is limited to 1000 copies world wide. Promo here

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