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Scott Stedeford/ Day Of The Sword Interview

Below is an interview I found on a Polish forum yesterday. While I am not sure of the exact date or it`s origins it seems to be given about the time the Ear To Ear cd was released. Nevertheless it is a nice read as many people in our music scene are not only fans of Day Of The Sword but also say DOTS was one of the best bands to come out of our scene. Uprise Direct did a write up in a previous post here.

(The interview below has been translated from Polish so once again there may be a few discrepancies in the text)

Interview with Scott Stedeford

1. Your debut album is called "Ear to Ear. What is the meaning of the name?

S: Cover it with the name of the band. The name "Day of the Sword" is taken from Psalm 139 in the Bible and refers to the time of settlement (Reckoning). When those who have "eyes to see and ears to hear they will use their swords to speak, and cut the current social order, Judaism, 'ear to ear."

2. You have many references to the Bible in their texts, whether you are a Christian band?

S: Yes.

3. Many people, including myself, sees the Christian rock bands broadly, as those of the "docile" texts and the weak, soft music. Your album is quite different, of course. Could you explain the concept of his album and what differentiates you from other Christian music trends?

S: Well, of course, those teams that have described are indeed anti-Christian by birth. We have nothing common with them, anyway. If anyone thinks that we are typical, wrapped in cotton, Christian band, it may be better prepared for a strong shock. This music is certainly not weak and does not intend to "recruit to any church." In fact, in our opinion, organized religion is evil and serves otruwaniu our people. Our beliefs about Christ and the Bible are based on Sex and the realities and not on spiritualistic religious beliefs. We want to show that the Bible is consistent in its transmission, in all its contents. It is not a respectable collection of poetry and fictional tales. It is not a book of Jews, but of the entire Caucasian race. What's more, Jesus Christ in this matter was also consistent. These are facts, which are organized by churches swept under the rug or explained as "mysteries". Our goal is to present these ideas in the form of music via album.

4. The cover is really striking. As it did you?

S: We wanted something that gripped much attention when I look at it and reflect the issues that we describe as the album .(...) - (referred to as Scott's arguments about the design, Paint)

5. Is it true that you've played all instruments on the album?

S: Yes, in addition to vocal songs in 2. However, I received support from many people throughout the production.

6 Was he (the album) your personal ambition?

S: No, not quite, but it is very satisfactory. "Break the Sword". The band originally was called "Break the Sword". It was three of us, including myself. We recorded the whole album, but unfortunately We went in before there was a chance to release it. Preparing the second edition of the music when it happened. while to do something. In the end, I decided that I would not seek a second warehouse, only to the record new material.. I played the guitar and the drums for many years, so it was not a difficult process for me.. It was the first time, when in fact I created the same lines and drove vocals. Now, though, again, we're 3-passenger composition. Thus, the first sight publishing under the name "Day of the Sword" in principle would be the second projection of the "Break the Sword". Btw, we will spend more original songs from the era Break The Sword, soon to label White Terror. Weird, huh?

7. So you wrote all the music.

S: Most. Some pieces are from the Break the Sword.

8. Diversity in music is great. What inspired you during the recording?

S: 2 / 3 of my reviews have been created during my trip a wonderful world of the eternal movement of the public. I drove for 40 minutes to the house, so the music found their way to my head when boarding the bus and I had the song ready when entering the house. I did a song about once a week. There are also some other recordings, which were the usual parties, drum, which happened to have been recorded and only dogrywałem them guitars. Generally tried to make themselves uporządkowały song and I think that much is done for the diversity of the album. The same way as general musical influences, I think bands that inspired me, which was brought up.

9. Which of them, for example?

S: Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Van Halen and the like gangs. I like a little hardkorowych and wkręciłem punk bands and metal in the trash when he went out into the daylight. Currently, I have pretty broad taste. I listen to Black Sabbath, to just say Cranberries, the Strauss waltz, a traditional Irish folk ...

10. And what about new bands?

S: Apart from a few, most do not do me any impression. I listen to many songs that are good musically, but lyrically empty.

11. I found the treatment of "Whole Lotta Love" as "Whole Lotta Nothing" on your album, really interesting. Are you a fan of Led Zeppelin?

S: Yes. Mostly recent albums. "Whole Lotta Nothing" was a last minute idea. I invented it on the spot. One day I could not utter a no melody, but still podśpiewywałem "you gotta whole lotta nothing" instead of "Whole Lotta Love". I divided up the idea with a friend, he added the text and we used it. It's a good song, and everyone knows it. She deserves it to have some specific message.

12. Listen to many bands from our mainstream?

S. Some. I do not have many albums. I like Skrewdriver. I particularly like the 2 acoustic albums that Ian has a Patriotic Ballads. I think that's part of the best music I heard. Senior Brutal Attack, Nordic Thunder, a bit of Fortress, Das Reich, Bound for Glory, it really had on me.

13. How would you describe your music?

S: Energetic, sharp rock.

14. To give a signal to the readers what they can expect in the album in songs przebierzmy bit and give a brief description. Let's start from the Thracian, who begins the album, "Big Brother".

S: Ok. Big Brother is a reckoning with the climate "1984", with different ways of how the government introduces it into our lives. Lyrically it is very descriptive, Orwell would be proud. Then we have the "Feel the Flames', a piece is based heavily on biblical references. It is very energetic musically. Then there's "White Supremacy", the song of "you in the face." Describes the historical times, our great victories and the hills above mediocrity, tyranny, etc. And we fly away, then we have "I'll stay true." Has links with modernist pop. Album now has become a nice variation. "There's no crime (In being White)" is in my view, an alternative note. “Race Against Time" is heavy, and "Draw the Line" punk. Last song, "Day Of The Sword", is more or less trash.. They are all simple, moving to the substance. Skrewdriver album covers. Something nice for everyone.

15. 1n addition to the Bible, what inspired you to write lyrics?

S: History. Current events. We tried not to touch the affairs of too negative point of view.

16. You mentioned earlier that you currently are 3 Tell us a little about the new composition.

S: Well, we have a singer and lyricism in the person of Luke, who sang on "There's no Crime" and "No hope for 90s" on the album "Ear to Ear". Paul has fulfilled the role of companion bass. I am from the guitars and drums, not at the same time, of course, and once the full role of the manager, which will allow other musicians to show off their talent. Music has changed a bit, but it is still sharp and energetic.

17. Are team members are skinheads?

S: Yes.

18. How would you be identified? National Socialists, Christian Identity, how?

S: Rather than throw us to the drawer, it is better to use the term "racial identity", it should be appropriate.

19. You have a plan to release a new album soon, with the new lineup?

S: Yes, we are working on that now. We already have 7-8 songs ready. We look forward to a dozen before they come into the studio. Arrangements are now more complicated and takes several months to record and deliver the material. I hope to do it for years.

20. You played some gigs?

S: Yes.

21. Something you will play soon?

S: Nothing is planned. Soon we shall all pile into the summer, perhaps to early autumn.

22. You mentioned earlier that you give the old material that you did with the old warehouse., Break the Sword. What can you tell us?

S: Well, it is very similar to the "Ear to Ear". Some cuts are heavy, other commercially available, and still others have ties to the punk. There was more musical effort. A lot of people were in the band before me, who added something from each other. All the texts were written by the vocals. They have a street style, most of the songs are re-issues of older originals.Will be 9 tracks on the album, which somehow will be issued until April.

23. You are a Christian band. I would like to know your opinion about Odyniźmie.

S: I think both ideas are parallel to each other. What is it, for those who do not know, was recognized in the Bible, the New Testament, strictly speaking. Both beliefs are based on racial purity. There is a conflict between the two and I think that is the result of accepting the new meaning of old terms. Ubiquitous learning is that Jesus was a Jew and that he came to save all over the world. Which is far from the truth, but it becomes understandable why Odynista or someone from the sorts will oppose such a view. Many Christians see Odynistów as pagans, but in the modern sense of the word, which raises associations with Satanism. For me it is all summed up to the fact that the world is dominated by Judaism and govern the forces that present a false picture of Christianity and paganism. See how Hitler is presented.

24. What, do you think is the way to unite our people?

S: If you believe that the current system is ungodly and against the natural order, and we believe it threatens our future, we're one. We discuss other topics when he was only destroy the current order.

25. I agree. What do you think is the best way to spread this message?

S: Look through the example. All of us who deeply felt themes, spent time studying the issues, they must act accordingly. Discard the system with all your heart and live up to what we believe. I think it's the only way to grow as a man and possibly a race together. Explore, study, and verify and confirm their beliefs.

26. Well, thank you for taking the time to interview and good luck in the album and the band. We hope to see more fruits of your labor in the future. Is something that you would like to say before you even finish?

S: I would like to thank: Richiemu, Ed, Ryanowi, and Jason Wolf Packowi who were of great help in promoting our name and our music.. Thanks guys and thanks for the interview. May God Bless.

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