Tuesday, February 16, 2010

News From Poland

Hammer of Hate, Gammadion, and Tormentia are teaming up for a 3 way split cd titled W Mroku Mogił which loosely translates to In The Darkness Of The Graves. The cd is in dedication to Hammer Of Hate`s guitarist Liskowi who passed away last year. It is to be released on his birthday of June 1st by Strong Survive Records

As mentioned previously Ken Mcllelan is teaming up with Poland`s Invasion for a joint cd titled Brotherhood- For The Moment. We have been told that the name of the cd has been changed to Brotherhood- A Life On Trial.

October 15th has a new cd scheduled for release in March titled KatoStrofa. National Resistance has two promo tracks for this cd here and here as well as a new interview with the founder of October 15th who previously played in Honor.

Honor`s- W Dzien Triumfu will be soon released on 12" vinyl. All lyrics are translated into English on the insert and it will include a new layout as well.

Olaf Jasinski will be releasing a cd titled Trzymaj Się Bracie (Hold On Brother). The cd is 10 tracks with vocals being performed from musicians throughout Europe. It is in tribute to Janusz Walus

S.O.L. - is entering the studio to record their new album with a new line-up. We are told to expect a much more powerful sound.

Adam i Olaf is a ballad project of musicians from Konkwista88 and Honor. The cd was recorded years ago and released on MC only. Now after remastering it will be available on CD too.

Szczerbiec - one of the very first Polish Skinbands will finally be released on CD. You will find on this album songs from their official MC and two demos recorded before with a different line-up.

Feniks - another great band from Poland which recorded three songs in studio only will be out on 7" vinyl. There will be two songs they contributed to the Keep It White Col. 1 including an alternate version from a MC. A fourth song is taken from their gig with BFG in Poland.

True Underground Productions have released the split cd from Ohtar and Dark Fury as well as the Harza cd titled War. More info on new releases and mp3`s can be found here

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