Tuesday, February 9, 2010

News from Hungary

I don`t know how many people are familiar with the Hungarian bands but they have some good stuff coming out of there right now. Below is a list of news updates sent to me about the Hungarian music scene.

- One of my personal favs Pushing Onwards have added 2 new guitarists and have 4 songs recorded for an upcoming split with Mutilated Truth. Mutilated Truth are still recording and we have been told the band may be put on hiatus due to a lack of members. Mutilated Truth is a band formed by the singer of Voice Of Justice who in my opinion had the best release to come out of our music scene last year. They are currently writing material for their new album.

-The Hungarian bands Vérszerződés, Vendetta and Valhalla plan to go to the studio in the near future to record new albums.

-Utolsó Védvonal also plan to record a full length.

- Bombs Not Food (a hardcore project of Pushing Onwards) have recorded 6 songs. One of which will be used for an upcoming Hungarian compilation. The others are supposed to be used for a NSHC Massacre 2 split with possibly Straightlaced Nightmare

- Long running hardcore band Feher Torveny are featured on a split cd with Arianrhod and Kampfbund. That cd should be out in a month or two.

- A Hungarian compilation cd is also in the works and is said to feature 23 different bands!!

-There's a new political/musical blog in Hungary: http://ns-revolution-hc.blogspot.com/ . They follow the way of the "autonom nationalists", which is a new agitational form within the European movement.

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