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Tattooed Mother Fuckers Interview

This interview with TMF was originally conducted by Yarbles in April of 2011. Check out their website here

1/ So, Tattooed Mother Fuckers, that’s a name that really grabs attention, tell us a little bit about the band?

What can I say about us really? Except that we are 4 misfits that reject the sheepish and blind ways of society and we struggle to accept any kind of authority and control upon us. We sing about life as we see it and back it up with what we consider some hard hitting music. We try to capture our aggression and create an atmosphere for the low life misfits that follow us, while sticking up two fingers at all those who attack, slander or hate us. We were never put on this earth to care or to please everyone, just to survive, and we will do that at any cost.

The band is made up of:

‘Disturbed Mother Fucker’, that’s me of course. I am the good looking one who can be found spewing out hatred on the microphone, and I am basically the man behind all the back room stuff like interviews, merchandise, and gig planning and so on. Apart from this I run ‘Mother Fucking Sounds’, I am involved in tattoo supply sales and a proud house father.

‘Deranged Mother Fucker’ is the guitarist and the man behind the tunes that make ‘TMF’, without him this band would never have existed. His anger comes out through his music writing and can also be heard through his backing growls. He is also a full time tattoo artist, an MC bike club member and a proud father.

‘Flash Mother Fucker’ is the man behind the drums and also the master of wowo’s at gigs and helps out with backing shouts. He is a karate instructor, a proud father, but sadly a Coventry City supporter. We hope you can forgive him for this like we do?

‘Hammered Mother Fucker’ is the last member of the band, and is actually our third bass player. We were lucky to recruit this musical genius, who has contributed to the bands recording and song writing. Other than ‘TMF’ he is also the main man behind ‘The London Diehards’, learning the ropes at recording (which he does well I must add), he’s some kind of computer nerd and proud father to four cats. His football team shouldn’t get a mention, but he is ‘West Ham’ through and through.

2/ I believe when TMF first started it was a bit of a sideline while various members took a little time off from their regular Bands, where you surprised how well TMF took off right from the very start?

It was never meant to be a band to begin with if I am honest about it. It was just a running joke with some people, but it kind of grew on me the thought of writing songs with an ‘I don’t give a fuck’ and ‘fuck you’ attitude. My old bands died many years before this if I am brutally honest and I think I just kept it alive to please others. But anyway, from the beginning this was my only interest and a mental outlet for my anger and I am shocked by how popular it became. We are no big stars, we ain’t got any big recording deal and we sure as hell don’t get any huge gig offers or cash from it, but with this band we’ve crossed boundaries and appealed to a wider crowd. We are happy just being who we are and we are so glad that a lot of people can relate to it also.

3/ How seriously do you, yourselves, take TMF, is it still a sideline, or a 'real' band in its own right?

It’s a real band in its own right, it is just a shame we didn’t start this band twenty years ago because we ain’t exactly spring chickens anymore, but back then we would have been wild. We don’t play too many gigs, but this was our intention from the beginning because we have busy life styles outside of the band and also we didn’t want play every other week. It would just get boring for the fans and also for us. But we will keep producing music and playing when we can and hopefully our noise and attitude will reach other people and places out there. This isn’t a rock n roll ego trip, we don’t write songs to please, dress to fit in, and this is us. What you see is what you get!

4/ You've made a few releases under the TMF Banner, how well have these been received amongst your 'new' fan base and the hardcore supporters of your previous Bands?

The support has been unbelievable from the first ‘TMF’ release all the way up until our last; we want to salute each and every person who has supported us in any way at all. There are no doubt a lot of people, who might just support us because of my past, and hey that is ok by me, but I hope them same people don’t just think this is a continuation of my older bands under a different name? This is something different for me and for the rest of the boys. Believe me when I say it, this is free and independent of anything political, right or left. I think a band should be able to stand on its own two feet, without promoters or political parties / organisations supporting them, just as I think political parties / organisations should be able to fend for themselves without using bands.

5/ Do you get a very positive reaction to your TMF material live as well?

The gigs are actually OK, sometimes we play to less than 100 people and this suits us fine, them people are there for the bands and to have a good time. The atmosphere is normally good, we would like to see more dancing, more blood on the dance floor, more football crowd sing a long, but we are happy as it is. We played at a ‘Live & Loud’ gig at the end of 2010 in Belgium and after that we decided no more of these big crowds crammed in like animals, it loses the atmosphere, and that takes away the enjoyment for us.

6/ One of the things I really like about TMF is you still can be bothered to get out and play Pubs and Clubs etc independently of any management or Festival organisers, do you prefer intimate Pub and Club gigs, or is this just the way it is?

Like I said before, we are more at home playing to a smaller crowd with the right mentality, people like us, people with the same attitude, people who really care about the scene. We could play big festivals to a 1000 people with nothing in common with us, what’s the point? We go it alone as life is less complicated this way, no one to answer to, no fucking rules to play by. We could only do this with the support of other bands such as ‘Skinfull’, ‘The London Diehards’, ‘Insane Youth’, ‘Bakers Dozen’ and all the others we’ve played with, and with the support of each and every person that turns up.

7/ Are we ever likely to see TMF playing a festival like "Rebellion" or the likes? Would you play if you were asked?

I think we would be stupid to turn it down if that chance ever arose, we’ve tried our best to get a shot at playing there but it seems we don’t fit the bill or image of today’s punk rock scene. It’s a shame because a lot of people want to see us play somewhere like this, a lot of friends attend this particular weekend and we know it would be great, but it seems there is a dictatorship these days that controls who is and who isn’t punk….. Sadly we ain’t P.C enough, for this and there are no apologies.

8/ As well as the Band, you also run your own Record Label, tell us a little about that?

The record label, ‘Mother Fucking Sounds’ is basically my little baby. I run it as a part time job but to be honest it is more of a hobby than a business and I plan to keep it this way. I have been a fanatical fan of music since my teens and love everything about Oi! punk and hardcore music and the underground scene that was spawned from this. Combined with hooliganism, gang violence and hate and bands with the bollocks to say fuck you instead of bowing their heads and towing the line, makes for bands I want to attract to the label. This label isn’t a big time money business, so bands looking for this should go and look in the direction of ‘Randale’ or other such outfits. Let’s keep the scene real eh, keep it where it belongs, outside of society, outside of the business world, but right in the faces of those who reject us.

9/ Is the plan to just make TMF releases or do you intend to release CD's etc from any other Bands?

Like I just said we will release any band with the bollocks to stick two fingers up, but still with the mentality to say ‘fuck you’, we like our bands real. No apologizing for who you are or how you live, not trying to get society to like us, bands with two feet on the ground. We’ve released the likes of:

Tattooed Mother Fuckers.

Disturbed Mother Fucker (my solo efforts).

Baker’s Dozen.


Balefire (Retaliator & Infa Riot project).

Insane Youth.


Donars Groll (Germany’s answer to Ultima Thule).

The London Diehards.


The Pride.

The Firm.


10/ What is the Labels Discography so far, and how many of these titles are still available?

Tattooed Mother Fuckers – It’s A Thugs Life. CD (MFS001)

Tattooed Mother Fuckers – Sex, Thugs & Rock n Roll. CD (MFS002)

Disturbed Mother Fucker – Oi! Ain’t Dead. CD (MFS003)

Tattooed Mother Fuckers – Thug Anthems. CD (MFS004)

Balefire – On the Road to Redemption. Mini CD (MFS005)

Disturbed Mother Fucker – Life Is So Serious. CD (MFS006)

Drugsmokkel – Young, Blond & Still Awake. CD (MFS007) co production.

The Patrons – Pride & Dignity. CD (MFS008) co production.

Various – Oi! Fuck You / Best Of British Volume 1. CD (MFS009)

Donars Groll – Von Liebe, Hass und alten Riten. CD (MFS010)

London Diehards &tattooed Mother Fuckers – Looking for Trouble 1. CD (MFS011)

Skinfull & Bakers Dozen – Looking for Trouble 2. CD (MFS012)

Insane Youth – Wasted Life. Mini CD (MFS013)

Various – We Still Say Fuck You / Best Of British Volume 2. CD (MFS014)

Bleed – Bedlam. CD (MFS015)

Overload – Godkiller. CD (MFS016)

The Firm & The Pride – Looking for Trouble 3. CD (MFS017)

Scum – The Fight Goes On / The Collection. CD (MFS018)

Disturbed Mother Fucker – Life Is So Serious. LP (MFS006LP) black vinyl

Disturbed Mother Fucker – Life Is So Serious. LP (MFS006LP) green vinyl

Donars Groll – Von Liebe, Hass und alten Riten. LP (MFS010LP) black vinyl

Donars Groll – Von Liebe, Hass und alten Riten. LP (MFS010LP) orange vinyl

London Diehards & TMF – Looking for Trouble 1. (MFS011LP) black vinyl

London Diehards & TMF – Looking for Trouble 1. (MFS011LP) yellow & black vinyl

Also still in the pipe line are:

Various – Made In Japan. Double CD.

Guttersnipe Army – Still Not Dead / The Collection. CD

11/ If People want to Find out more about TMF or the Label how can they do this?

Find us on that big thing called the internet, you can read loads about us, both good and bad. We have the latest news, info and the shop for both ‘Tattooed Mother Fuckers’ and also ‘Mother Fucking Sounds’ at:

We also have info up on myspace and face book, read about us in paper zines or online zines like this. If you need to find out anything about the band, just ask us to our faces when you see us playing somewhere, you’ll get a much more honest answer than that of the rumour mill. Our emails are:

12/ Anything else you wanna add to finish this thing off?

Yes, a big ‘fuck off’ to anyone with a negative in fighting attitude, always moaning and groaning about everything but never doing anything to change or contribute to the scene or our lifestyle. Get a life, or better still just fuck off and take your own. And on a much more brighter and peaceful note, cheers for the chance to rant about our crap and we wish you all the best in the future, people like you keep the flame burning. To all the readers, keep supporting the zines, the bands, the mail orders, times are getting tougher financially I know, but keep trying to do your bit.


‘Disturbed Mother Fucker’ & the boys!

(April 2011)

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