Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reaktor Moscow- Moscow Oldskul

Reaktor Moscow have self released their new cd- Moscow Oldskul. I haven`t heard this yet but I do have their previous self titled release. That cd is a pretty cool mix of hooligan hardcore/ Oi! surrounded by a heavy does of ska (which isn`t heard much in our scene). Just for a sample, the track for the song Day Off is here I will be checking out their new songs as soon as possible. Hopefully it is just as good

Track List

1. Street music
2. Middle manager
3. Run!
4. Moscow oldskul
5. Derby Time
6. You stop it
7. The road home
8. Second wind
9. Your main enemy
10. My Favorite (Male Factors cover)
11. Ska beer oi! Football

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