Sunday, July 24, 2011

Empire Falls- Terror Born

Empire Falls - "Terror Born" full length CD (Empire Falls Records) After a VERY LONG wait, EF have unleashed 17 new songs recorded at Rebel Sound NC. For Empire Falls fans this is an instant classic. More political than past releases. Very good high quality recording. The songs are their heavy hardcore sound like the "Infamous" album.

Track listing: Terror Born, Seekers Of Truth In An Age Of Lies, My Eternal Antagonist, Left Wing Nuts, Fresh Blood Invite, Coup De Tat, Where To Turn, Intolerant Crew, Death By Omission, 15 years, I Stand In Defiance/Alone In The Crowd, Harder They Fall, Distant Hopes- Immediate Fears, Written Word, War Is Inevitable, Deity, Sacrifice (Flipper cover)

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