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Punkfront Interview

This weeks interview is with German Punk band- Punkfront. It was originally conducted by Boots & Braces Webzine. Original interview posted here

Punk Front Interview
Here is our ninth interview in 2011. This interview was finished a 2 weeks ago, before their cancelled gig here. Thanks to Patrick who answered the questions !!!

1. At first, could you introduce yourself and your band?

Hey Tom! Punk Front are Martin at the drums, Stoffel vocals, Schmidt bass, Tim at the second guitar and me, Patrick at the first guitar.

2. Can you tell us anything about the history of your band? Why did you named just Punk Front?

Our history isn't very special. At this time we lived all in Berlin. It was a evening in a pub in Berlin with a lot of alcohol. Schmidt, Stoffel, Martin and me created our Punk band.
After the recording of our mini CD, Tim joined the band to play the second guitar.

3. How would you describe your music? Which bands influenced you the most musically and which bands do you like? Can you also write your current TOP FIVE of bands and their albums?

We play simply Punk music. We all listen so many kinds of music so it is a little bit difficult to say what influenced us. And I really can't make a TOP 5, give me a TOP 100 than maybe.

4. You have recently released the MiniCD "100% Hass" which is very successful in my opinion. Could you introduce the themes all songs individually please? Who made the lyrics and the music? Do you have also new songs?

Thank you! Yes, there is
100% Hass- It is a statement from us as a band against the red jerks, that they have to stay away.
Knüppeldicke is a song against the failure of the police.
Und Morgens Ruft Der Muezzin is a sarcastic written song about the muslim invasion of our European culture.
Fuck Crust...Yes I think the name say it all. A song about anti Germans and other left wing scum.
In Der Kneipe Zur Trockenen Kehle is a cover song from an old East German Punk band. It's about doing the same thing every day- go to work, go to a pub in the evening and see the same guys to have a drink and go home... It's about how boring life can be.
And at last Verraten & Verkauft. It is a song about unity and friendship to fight for a free homeland and a free Europe.

5. Are you satisfied with this MiniCD? What reactions have you received on it? Are you satisfied with the work of Oi! Ain't Red Records? How did you come in contact with this label?

Yes we are really happy with our work on this record and most reactions we get are really positive! We liked to work with Oi! Ain't Red Records and we are thankful that the label gave us a chance. I knew Jan from the before the label. I meet him at a concert and asked him if he had interested to release our CD.

6. Can you tell us anything about the current scene in Berlin? Is your city really as red as we hear? Are there any good bands with different views? Which bands from here can you advise for listening? Could you also introduce bands Elbroiber, Notlöhsung and Heimat Front a bit?

Yes, Berlin is really red! And you have really many immigrants here. But you have here nice places too. I think bands like Landser or now called Die Lunikoff Verschwörung is one of the most famous bands from here. Notlöhsung and Elbroiber are friends of us! They play nice German Oi!. Heimat Front is a band project and we want make a split with this guys. They play true and hard Oi!/punk.

7. How many gigs have you played in and with which bands? Have you already played outside Germany? What was your best and worst gig?

In the past we have not done many gigs, because we were to busy with work and family.
Till now we have only played 2 gigs. One in west and one in east Germany. Our better one was the gig in west Germany with Endstufe and Shaven Heads. We got a good feedback there! The other wasn't worst but a little bit chaotic. We played there with Elbroiber and Notlöhsung.
In your country it will be our first gig outside Germany, but I hope not the last.

8. I think you played the gig with Endstufe in 2010, right? Could you write an info about this gig and performances of the bands? How do you look at Endstufe? Which of their songs are best in your opinion and why?

Yes, the gig was really great! And we had a lot of fun playing with Endstufe and Shaven Heads. We like Endstufe very much. It is one of the real traditional and real Oi! bands from here! I like many songs of them.

9. I was very captivated that your punk crew likes to wear t-shirts with logos of RAC bands. I think you have had some problems with PC idiots or have even been labeled as Nazi Punks, haha :--) What experiences have you had with that?

Schmidt and me were punks in the past before we created this band, very often with our face on the internet. But it didn't interest me. They say we split the scene and we have to leave their scene. But these idiots forget that we never wanted to be a part of their scene.

10. Punx Not Red, excellent but often rejected motto on the punk scene in Germany. Can you tell me Patrick how is the life of politically incorrect punk in your country?

I think it is pretty much the same as the life of a politically incorrect skinhead. Only different is maybe that everybody knows you. Coz we don't have so many not PC punks here.

11. Your opinion about: a) Böhse Onkelz; What is your opinion about this legendary German band? Do you like their songs and which ones?

I like Böhse Onkelz very much! From the early stuff till their last CD. I grow up with this music.

b) Tattoo; Do you like tattoo? Do you have any favorite motives?

I love tattoos! But I don't have a favourite motive.

c) Football; Do you like this sport? Are there any clubs in Berlin which deserve to cheer up? What do you think about the hooligans scene?

Some of us like football in Berlin but not for me. When I go to football, I go to Bremen in west Germany. But that is a few years ago that I see my last football game.
I don't have a problem with the hooligan scene.

d) Beer; Do you like it or you prefer liquors? Which mark(s) of beer are best in your opinion?

Beer! I enjoy a good cold Becks! Here in east Germany, you get Pfeffi. It is liquour. I will bring you one when we see us in February!

12. You are going to play a concert in our country in February. Do you look forward to it? What can we expect from you on the stage and possibly after a concert at the table? :-)

We all look forward to the concert! You can expect real punkrock from Germany and a drunk band, haha, maybe under the table .

13. What do you know about the Czech republic? Do you know any Czech bands or zines?

For a few weeks I give a interview for your friend at Crime & Pride webzine. I really don't know much about your country! Too less to talk about that. But I hope I can change that in February!
I see here "The Normals?!" for a time...nice band!

14. Any last words? Would you like to greet anybody?

First, thank you Tom for your interest in our band!
We want to greet the Czech movement and hope to see a lot of you on the concert in Prague! Thank you for the interview Tom! We get drunk together in February!
So see you soon on the Czech soil !!! Certainly you will have to drink as much our beer as possible with us !!! :-)

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