Sunday, July 27, 2014

Uprise Weekend Review- The Chosen Youth & Yggdrasil

The Chosen Youth- Never Hang Up: This cd was released about 2 years ago and it`s really good. I`m surprised I hadn`t heard it yet. These guys play some good aggressive rock n roll / punk with vocals to match. In fact I really like the vocals which are raw and loud and give it that punk (I don`t give a fuck) feel. At many times there is more then one singer that adds to it even more. The song Dying Nation is my favorite on the cd, it`s fast paced and the bass is prominent as well. I love hearing a chugging bass in songs. There`s lots of dual vocals on this song also. In general, even though this is a mini cd the songs are nice and full and the cd lasts a good 20 minutes or so. Comes with a complete booklet with the lyrics and photos as well. Great cd.Mp3 sample

Yggdrasil- Heaven Of Blood: Yggdrasil is the band that the guys from Frozen Abyss started out as. As many know the Frozen Abyss cd was an amazing gothic rock album in the vein of Type O Negative. This cd- Heaven Of Blood was released in 2001 and even though they changed their name the style is still in the same genre. A nice cd with a unique sound. Mp3 sample
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