Saturday, July 19, 2014

Uprise Weekend Review: Agnar & Still Burnin Youth / Beyond Hate / Boris Britva

Agnar- Worte Konnen Ketten Brechen: This is an excellent melodic RAC cd. I say RAC but the cd is more of a light rock / ballads cd. A great cd musically that while being melodic really keeps your attention and is well composed. The vocals are harmonious and plenty of emotion comes through in them and they go perfect with the music, many times seeming in unison with the guitar as if they are complimenting each other. Most of the songs come in at over 4 minutes but they never get boring and there is plenty of nice guitar work between the singing. The cd is sung completely in German with lyrics about Germanic legends as well as political topics. A quote from the song Worte Können Ketten Brechen – “Millions of chains can break at once if a thousand voices scream the truth. Have the courage and words will be stronger than their chains.”

Still Burnin’ Youth – Beyond Hate – Boris Britva: The Weapon, The Corpse, The Reason:
This cd was recently released by Blackshirts Records and is an excellent split featuring 3 different bands with 3 different styles of hardcore. Italy`s Still Burnin Youth start off this cd with a slightly different sound then their previous releases. Their songs on this cd have more of a melodic- maybe post hardcore sound. It`s still fast and aggressive though but I like the new style, it has a really good sound. They are followed by Beyond Hate who play some great Japanese RAC that borders on hardcore at times. It`s rockin and aggressive with some nice guitar work in spots. Then my personal favorites- Boris Britva come in with some killer heavy hardcore beatdown style. 20 songs total and comes with a full 16 page booklet. Great cd!! 
Both cd`s in stock now

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