Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In Bewegung (In Motion) 2013 DVD

 Publisher by Germania Versand. The double DVD of a major event "In.Motion 2013" is finally available. Included are a selection of all the musicians of the day and interviews with almost all musicians by FSN TV. Included are, with their well-known songs: Frank Rennicke with 10 songs, Kinderzimmer-Terroristen with 9 songs, Strafmass with 8 songs, Oidoxie with 5 songs, Painful Awakening with 9 songs and Kraftschlag with 10 songs. Unfortunately, not all songs are captured on the DVD, but the playing time is 159 minutes and thus is already long enough. It is a great DVD in really presentable quality! An unforgettable day for every visitor is again called here in memory and also for those who were not there, the DVD is a must buy! Comes in DVD digipack, limited to 1000 pieces.


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