Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Old Lu & das Höllenfahrtskommando Download

Throughout the course of this morning there have over 50 hits coming into this blog with the search words a variation of -  Old Lu & das Höllenfahrtskommando download. 

Support the bands and the labels, don`t rip them off. You`re killing the music scene

The Dirty Bunch Promo

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dark Fury, Evil & Pagan Hellfire Split

Lower Silesian Stronghold has released a 3 way split cd featuring Dark Fury (Poland), Evil ( Brazil) and Pagan Hellfire (Canada). There are 12 tracks total with 4 from Dark Fury, 5 from Evil and 3 from Pagan Hellfire

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brassic/ Bandeire De Combate Live In Brazil

A split live cd between American Oi! band Brassic and Brazil`s Bandeire De Combate is said to be out soon. More info will be posted as we receive it

Label 56 Indie Radio Episode 3

Previous Episodes Here
This is the third episode of the Label 56 Indie Radio Show and contains over an hour of music and commentary! Recorded on June 10th 2012, the show starts off as always with a song from the pick of the week. This weeks pick is from Barny for his solo release. It then goes into some news on new and upcoming releases in our music scene and is followed by a 3 song promo set which includes new music from some of the a fore mentioned releases. After which two lengthy song sets are played with a description of the bands and songs before each set. As always check out our site at for more info on these bands and our show

Track List:
01. Barny- 1945
02. PlanxB- Der Mann Im Spiegel
03. Sturmwehr- Unsere Musik
04. Presumption Of Innocence
05. Daily Broken Dreams- Grey Memories
06. Division Germania- Jugend In Bewegung
07. Vinland Warriors- Fallen From The Grace
08. Clockwork Times- How Can You Be As Now?
09. Brutal Attack- Stab em Back (Send em Back) Live
10. Rebel Salute To Oldschool Hate- I Believe
11. Feher Torveny- Tepd Szet A Lancod!
12. A.M.B.S.- Li Ove La Verità Va A Morire
13. Dr. Martins- Bons Tempo
14. Skinful- Scum
15. Strappo- Spirito Ribelle
16. Stigger & Sisco- Green Fields Of France Live
17. Hope For The Weak- Friends & Family

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Steelcapped Strength- Freedom Of Speech

The brand new cd from Steelcapped Strength is out now on PC Records!! 12 new tracks (including one cover) all in English. Sound sample here

Mind Terrorist & Sturmwehr Out Now

Two new releases from OPOS Records includes the debut from Mind Terrorist- Once Upon A Heartbeat and Sturmwehr- The First 11 Years

Published by OPOS-Records- The first official "Best of ..." of Sturmwehr which features 21 tracks from the first 11 years of the band! All songs were re recorded partially re-arranged and revamped in modern music. You get a perfect blend of timeless lyrics and melodies familiar. For fans of the group and also the perfect introduction for those who are not familiar with them.
Aside from the regular cd there is also a DVD in digipack with a 12-page booklet in DVD size which is limited to 1488 copies. As a bonus, the new tower defense song "BAF" ..." Sound Samples on the OPOS site here

Mind Terrorist- Once Upon A Heartbeat- Published by OPOS-Records. After the first signs of life on the "Inside Job" compilation, this is the debut album the Greek band! MT is a project of Kostas, also known as the singer of Straight Line. The lyrical concept of this cd is about a man who lost his house and his family then lived in the streets fighting for survival! All texts in English. Musically, this is an experimental blend of rock and metal with synth sounds. 10 tracks total which include 7 songs and 3 instrumental interludes which makes for a total cd for the price of a mini-CD! Sound samples at OPOS Records. Mind Terrorist Website Here

Lunikoff- Vermindert Schuldfähig

New Lunikoff- Vermindert Schuldfähig coming very soon from WB Versand
This will also be released in a limited edition digi pack with an alternative cover which will be limited to 888 copies. The first 333 are signed by Luni

Moshpit Picture LP

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Perunwit- Tears & Blood Compilation

This Perunwit compilation contains the re-edition of their debut demo Łzy i Krew which was released in 1994. The songs have been remastered and the cd also includes two older songs as well as five newer songs which were recorded in 2010. It has been released by Eastside and Hammerbolt Productions.

1. Battlefield
2. Wodden Temple
3. The Last Day of Rugia
4. Twilight of the Gods
5. Opowieść
6. The White Horse of Svantevit
7. Intro - Ragia, Anno 1168 
8. Czar Wojny i Stali
9. Ból Nienawiści (gdy chrześcijanski Miecz Przebije Pierś)
10. Duch Minionych Epok
11. WIlczy Zew
12. Lindisfarne

Stworz & Fall- Śnij Ziemio Moja Split Cd

A limited edition 300 copy split cd from Stworz and Fall is out now on Frenteuropa. There are 10 tracks total. Released in digipack format

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pluton Svea- Best Of The Best

Out now on Midgard. Info and ordering here

Wolfsblut- Blutsbruder

Blutsbruder is the debut cd from Wolfsblut. This cd has a beautiful sound and is in the rock/ ballads genre. Songs feature make and female vocals. More info and mp3`s on the labels page - GKS33

Sample mp3`s-
Dein Blut in meinen Adern
Die Nation wird sich erheben
Nanga Parbat


PlanxB is a new German NSHC band. They have self released an 8 track demo cd