Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mind Terrorist & Sturmwehr Out Now

Two new releases from OPOS Records includes the debut from Mind Terrorist- Once Upon A Heartbeat and Sturmwehr- The First 11 Years

Published by OPOS-Records- The first official "Best of ..." of Sturmwehr which features 21 tracks from the first 11 years of the band! All songs were re recorded partially re-arranged and revamped in modern music. You get a perfect blend of timeless lyrics and melodies familiar. For fans of the group and also the perfect introduction for those who are not familiar with them.
Aside from the regular cd there is also a DVD in digipack with a 12-page booklet in DVD size which is limited to 1488 copies. As a bonus, the new tower defense song "BAF" ..." Sound Samples on the OPOS site here

Mind Terrorist- Once Upon A Heartbeat- Published by OPOS-Records. After the first signs of life on the "Inside Job" compilation, this is the debut album the Greek band! MT is a project of Kostas, also known as the singer of Straight Line. The lyrical concept of this cd is about a man who lost his house and his family then lived in the streets fighting for survival! All texts in English. Musically, this is an experimental blend of rock and metal with synth sounds. 10 tracks total which include 7 songs and 3 instrumental interludes which makes for a total cd for the price of a mini-CD! Sound samples at OPOS Records. Mind Terrorist Website Here

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