Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Label 56 Indie Radio Episode 3

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This is the third episode of the Label 56 Indie Radio Show and contains over an hour of music and commentary! Recorded on June 10th 2012, the show starts off as always with a song from the pick of the week. This weeks pick is from Barny for his solo release. It then goes into some news on new and upcoming releases in our music scene and is followed by a 3 song promo set which includes new music from some of the a fore mentioned releases. After which two lengthy song sets are played with a description of the bands and songs before each set. As always check out our site at for more info on these bands and our show

Track List:
01. Barny- 1945
02. PlanxB- Der Mann Im Spiegel
03. Sturmwehr- Unsere Musik
04. Presumption Of Innocence
05. Daily Broken Dreams- Grey Memories
06. Division Germania- Jugend In Bewegung
07. Vinland Warriors- Fallen From The Grace
08. Clockwork Times- How Can You Be As Now?
09. Brutal Attack- Stab em Back (Send em Back) Live
10. Rebel Salute To Oldschool Hate- I Believe
11. Feher Torveny- Tepd Szet A Lancod!
12. A.M.B.S.- Li Ove La Verità Va A Morire
13. Dr. Martins- Bons Tempo
14. Skinful- Scum
15. Strappo- Spirito Ribelle
16. Stigger & Sisco- Green Fields Of France Live
17. Hope For The Weak- Friends & Family

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