Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oi! F*ck You and Donars Groll

Two new releases out on MFS include the Oi! F*ck You/ Best Of British Vol. 1 and Donars Groll- Von Liebe, Hass und Alten Riten.

This is a re-issue of a great Oi! album released a few years back by ‘Ascalon Records’. This CD had been given a makeover, with a great full colour 16 page booklet jam packed with lyrics, photos and we’ve also included some bonus songs for you. With bands such as ‘CONDEMNED 84’, ‘TATTOOED MOTHER FUCKERS’, ‘LOYALTY’, ‘RETALIATOR’, ‘ON FILE’, ‘SUPERYOB’, ‘SCUM’ and many more. This is Oi! music at its best, from the home of Oi! and none of this modern day P.C bullshit………….. just Oi!

This German 3 piece are bringing a breath of fresh air to the German scene, not following the usual sound and attitude coming out of their homeland. This band take a lot of influence from the likes of ‘Ultima Thule’ and other such Viking rock bands, so you know what to expect, quality sounds!! Comes with an 8 page full colour booklet, filled with lyrics and photos.

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