Saturday, May 22, 2010

Empire Falls and No Remorse Box Sets

Iron Clad Records is taking pre orders for both the Empire Falls and No Remorse Box sets. The Empire Falls box set includes 5 cd’s housed in a box with pins, a patch, info card and poster and is limited to 300 copies. NOTE: ALL PRE-ORDERS RECEIVE THE DIE-HARD EDITION OF THE BOX SET. LIMITED TO 100 COPIES! The die hard edition includes other goodies not included in the regular edition including an extra CD and a sticker.

Iron Clad Records has been given the exclusive rights to produce a No Remorse box set. This set will contain 5 CD’s, a poster, 100% embroidered patch and hand numbered info sheet. The box itself will be strictly limited to 500 copies and available ONLY through Iron Clad Records. For more info on pre ordering contact

1 comment:

  1. Do not buy them!!!!!!!
    First they "forgot" that i had ordered and payed and when i filed a complaint at paypal (that stopped them from being able to recieve any payments) they sent me everything except a boxset that was worth 40 dollars. They said i was going to recieve it later but now a couple of months later i realice that the company is probably run by a f-face and they have fucked me over.
    Buy it from other places if possible.