Monday, April 26, 2010

Luftwaffe- Ere I Perish

The new full-length cd featuring 55 minutes of oratorical demagoguery from U.S. Martial and Neofolk duet, Luftwaffe is out now. This cd has 16 original tracks with collaborations by with
Richard Leviathan (of Ostara and Strength Through Joy) Awen, Valence , Gnomonclast.
The cover features an original art painting by the internationally renowned NY artist Richard Phillips.
The uncompromising marriage of Martial Industrial, Acoustic Folk and Solipsistical Nihilism;

Luftwaffe continues to forge new awakenings within the Post Industrial genre.
The overriding voice.
The word bespoke is power.
And these words shall be the last.
And that voice is ours.
Thou shalt perish.
Ere I perish.

Samples can be found here

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