Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Artists Needed for Upcoming UD/Label56 Comp.

It is fairly often we get requests about labels and new artists here at Uprise Direct. As a result, Label 56 and Uprise Direct have decided to collaborate and release a compilation CD focused on artists from the United States in attempt to help to strengthen the domestic scene.

Our united goal is to put it together an album consisting of bands from the United States and release the entire CD by Uprise 2010, in August. Any bands interested in donating tracks for the upcoming release, should send over an original track for us to check out at: UpriseDirectZine@yahoo.com. We will be talking with artists who have previously contacted us, but hope to hear from many new and talented groups. Musically, style is not limited, but quality is a must. Deadline for submissions will be in mid-June, as an exact date will be posted here later.

~Doug Sacred & Rick 56

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