Thursday, November 26, 2009

NEW: Burzum - Den Hvite Guden

Burzum will release a new album, Den Hvite Guden (The White God), in March/April 2010. Artist Varg Vikernes describes the album as "a musical and lyrical description of the the White God (alias Apollon, Baldr, Belenus, Belus, Bragi, Byelobog, Jarilo, et cetera) and the annual events of his life."

"It is not intended for play the "low-brow metal" style, but instead I imagine a listener willing to sit down, ideally in solitude, and think for a minute, about the White God and our forebears, whether they were Picto-British, Finnish, Gallic, Greek, Roman, Scandinavian, Scytho-Slavic, Daco-Thrakian or whatever, and about their magnificent, intelligent, positive, beautiful, healthy and strong culture." for further details...

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