Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Moment To Share Gratitude

Here at Uprise Direct we have fallen victim to the effects of being quite busy, and as a result the blog, and ultimately our fans, have suffered. Myself and Rick from Label 56 are still finalizing the radio show, as we hope to record our pilot episode in the very near future. The idea of the show has many people excited as we have already begun receiving previously unreleased clips and tracks from artists exclusively for the radio show.

Uprise Direct has become a launching point for many individuals to start their own music scene blog in their own countries, as well as giving international bands a place to look to for promotion. We only hope that the success we have had can continue forward uninhibited.

With that being said we are still looking for people to contribute. With the prospective radio show we will also possibly be looking for an individual to edit audio and and assist in the final production. We are also looking for a weekly editorial writer, if you can in English, and are interested in sharing your opinions please contact us.

So in conclusion, thank you to everyone who has made this blog as successful as it is. Without the labels, the bands, and most importantly the fans, we would not be here.

~Doug Sacred

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