Friday, November 27, 2009

INTERVIEW: Tormentia

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At the beginning the most typical question: a few words about yourself.
Hello, we are Tormentia band, come from the lesser Poland
and play together for a year.

Tormentia is only a project or plan to perform live?
Tormentia is a project so far, but out of necessity. We did
not want to wait to complete the band before album's release. However,
if we do succeed in band completing, for sure we will play concerts.

Just released a sensational debut CD, are you fully satisfied with the result obtained?
Thanks. Yes, I think that as in domestic conditions it is
possible to listen to this. We recorded the whole CD on our own, so we
are responsible for the final result. As for cooperation with the
publisher we are also one hundred percent satisfied.

Why on the debut CD went so much Honor's covers? Does this band have a particular impact on Tormentia creativity?
Maybe not so much on what we create but on ourselves. I
must to admit that somehow it helped us to complete the record and
finally make debut, but we did it only once and we will not duplicate

Your song "Westerplatte Soldier” deals with the determination and heroism, Polish soldiers determination in the fight against the Nazi invaders, as in the context of this, how do you relate to abuse the Polish NS Nazi symbolism?
That's a fact, some people abuse the symbols but it’s their
private business. But we believe that Hitler is for us neither hero
nor model.

Your music is very "metallized", why exactly this way? Isn’t the traditional oi! / rac sound attractive to you?
In this music we feel the best. We like to listen to
different styles, but prefer to play what you hear on our record and
we will follow this path in the near future.

Your attitude to religion? this is another reason for the divisions on the stage, in the current political and social situation is it so important problem?
Religion is a difficult subject. How many people so many
opinions on this subject. We are not Catholics, but we aren’t showing
anti-Catholicism either. We try not to mix too much religion into our
music. There are to many important problems to create some more.

What about the activity in your area, recently held in several gigs, beyond you is there any other band?
Honestly, I have no idea if there is any. As for the
situation in our region, I think that it does not differ much from the
rest of the country.

How do you assess recently "promoted" autonomous nationalists movement and the attitude of "straight edge", “left side” remade symbols, image, etc.? We take these environments positively.

When can we expect new material?
We are at the stage of creating new material. At present we
already have several begun songs, and one will soon appear on the
network. It will be a specific song, but I don’t want to reveal
nothing more at the moment. I think that perhaps you will hear a new
Tormentia album in the spring.

The last word belongs to you
In that case, thanks for the interview and good luck in
what you are doing!

We are looking forward to new Tormentia album. We wish you good luck guys and congratulations on great debut! Thanks!

Galician White Devils crew and editorial the Hate Speech - music magazine. Interview with Tormentia will be also printed in the third issue of HATE SPEECH – coming soon! Translated by E.

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