Tuesday, November 5, 2013

RU-486 - Romanian Abattoirs

Out now on Destructive Industries is the new cd from RU-486 titled Romanian Abattoirs..  
"After nearly ten years in the extreme electronic music scene, RU-486’s progression into it’s current state of industrialized warfare has finally been unleashed. Over two years in the making, Romanian Abattoirs introduces an entirely new palette of moods shifting in between beat oriented madness and eerily pulsating soundscapes, as well as some other surprises. No longer evident, is the harsh noise of yesteryear, but replaced with a fully realized direction and a much more confident and mature approach to structuring sound. The album also features guest appearances by such artists as Richard Ramirez, Erin Powell of Awen, Lussuria and Slogun. This is a Slaughter Electronics soundtrack with a stronghold takeover. First pressing limited to 300 copies."

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