Monday, November 18, 2013

It`s A Warzone, Baby! - Tomahawk/ Hellenic Youth/ IronWill (3 Way Split Cd)

Out now on Label 56 is the limited edition split cd 'It`s A Warzone, Baby!'. This is a  three way split with bands from 3 different parts of the world coming together to create a great Oi!/ RAC cd, with each band contributing 5 previously unreleased songs.

Russian punk band Tomahawk start this off with some aggressive well played punk / Oi!. Hellenic Youth (which is a project of the singer of Greek band Razorblade Nightmare) come in next playing some oldschool RAC that reminds me somewhat of Last Resort. This cd ends with 5 songs from the new US band Ironwill who end it with 5 melodic yet powerful RAC songs. This cd is limited to only 200 copies, each of which are hand numbered. Mp3`s and ordering here

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