Sunday, March 18, 2012

WolfsTyrann- History Lycanthropic DvD Audio Box

WolfsTyrann - Lycanthropic History
This is a double cd compilation with all the tracks created by Wolf Tyrant from the Beginning to the End. 2 cd`s in a Dvd box. (Limited: 66 Pieces)

CD 1
-Track 1 - 5 from "From the depths of dark forests" (2004)
Track 6-12 from "Time of Blood" (2005)

CD 2
Track 1-3 from
"Songs of the werewolf in the blood mist" (2009)
Track 4 & 5 from split-MC with Asatru and Amalek
"United under the banner of the Ancestors"
Track 6 from "No Future for Democracy" Sampler (2006)

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