Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ricks Pick: Tribute To Kreuzfeuer

This Ricks Pick is for the Tribute To Kreuzfeuer cd which is in memoriam of Jens Rahl, the deceased singer. This is an excellent 16 track compilation featuring some of the more well known names mostly from the German metal and death core scene. For those who don`t know, Kreuzfeuer was a pretty well known German band who formed as an Oi! band "Kroizfoier" in the early 90`s. They later took on a more metal/ death metal style for their second release and changed their name to Kreuzfeuer (Cross Fire) in the mid 90`s. The songs on this cd are covers of a previously released Kreuzfeuer song and aside from a few they are pretty heavy. This tribute cd also has a complete booklet full of eerie and dark yet beautiful "gothic" images. This cd was released by OPOS Records. We now have it in stock domestically at Label 56

Track List:

Kreuzfeuer - Intro
Eugenik - Vom Vater zum Sohn
Mysanity - Walhalla
A. Musik Fraktion - Wahre Werte
T.H.O.R. - Ihm unser Leben
The TRUE Might Of Rage - Tanz oder Stirb
Brainwash - No More Tomorrow
Civil Disorder - Komm Zu Uns
Oifeuer - Den Göttern nah Part1
Pantheon - As the Ice Hammer Falls
A. Musik Fraktion - Triebtäter
Deathskull - Aufrecht Sterben
Painful Awakening - Zahlmeister
Projekt X - Armageddon
Confident Of Victory - Verbrennt den Stoff
Die Superhelden - Wochenende

MP3: Deathskull- Aufrecht Sterben

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