Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ricks Pick: 96 Brigade- Revolution For Dummies

I`m going to do a little shameless self promotion for my Rick`s Pick this week. While I say "shameless" this pick really is completely warranted. The 96 Brigade- Revolution For Dummies has been #1 on my ipod play list since I received the master copy a few months ago and simply put... it is just an excellent street punk/ RAC cd. It is not overtly racial but deals more with political issues that affect everyday citizens and is one that can reach out to the masses of people who hold our sentiments inside. In my opinion this is the direction our music scene needs to take and I am very happy with releasing this cd. The cd is now in stock and you can get your copy for only $10 at Label 56

Sample mp3`s- Generation Of Sedation, Break In The Dam

Band interview posted here

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