Friday, August 27, 2010

Personal Hiatus

First off, let me thank Rick 56 for basically running the blog by himself for the past few months. Without his desire to maintain this institution it would most likely be defunct now.

On that note Rick approached me a few weeks ago about doing an interview for my own blog. It caught me off guard and gave me a moment to really collect some thoughts and share my opinions as I have kept the blog, and will continue to, about the music. Now I have no desire to turn this into my personal bitch session, but I will not be afraid to speak my mind as it is my blog.

Also of interest was a post by a local antifa site that made me think a bit. The discussion surrounding the upcoming show tomorrow was quite humorous. Uprise did not happen this year, but the show this weekend is in fact not Uprise. It is, however, our attempt to provide a second large annual event in conjunction with the annual Uprise concert in late January. Rick approached me about doing a split show, and increasing amount of live performances.

This event took on quite a big line-up, more than I had hoped; as honestly some of the best shows I've been to were only 3 bands and all night for them to tear it up! Which brings me to my next point, Uprise Direct is hoping to promote several smaller venue events in which East coast bands would be able to get to play more often.

~Doug Sacred

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