Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rebel Records- New Releases From Youngblood, Brutal Attack, Point Blank, Rock Fur Deutschland

Rebel Records will soon be releasing the new cd from OC, California`s Youngblood. As posted on their my space- "The album consists of 12 powerful, sing along working class anthems themed to the spirit of the streets!"

Rebel Records has also informed us that Brutal Attack is in the studio working on material for their 30 Years cd.

A couple other recent releases from Rebel Records includes the cd from Florida band Point Blank. This cd is a project of Chris from Attack, No Alibi, etc

A double cd titled Rock Fur Deutschland was also released by Rebel Records in cooperation with Panzerbar Records. This is a double cd recorderd at Rock Fur Deutschland concert in July of 2009. This concert saw more than 5,000 people attend!! The cd`s include live tracks from Brainwash, Sleipnir, Blitzkrieg, and Lunikoff

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