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Brotherhood- For The Moment/ Ken McLellan Teams Up With Poland`s Invasion

Ken McLellan will be entering the studio next month to do vocals for a project band he is working on with Polish band- Invasion. The cd is then due out at the end of March on Strong Survive Records. It is titled Brotherhood- For The Moment. Below is a previous interview with Invasion originally posted at Okop Zine. The interview is translated from Polish so a bit of it came out choppy. Nevertheless you can get the most of it. Until now I have been unfamiliar with the music of Invasion but from reading the interview it seems to be done in a classical manner. I will definitely be looking more into this band

The Invasion (interview)

Is called a man of the orchestra and they are right. This year a very successful debut album, and now recorded a joint project with Ken from BA! Slightly below the earlier conversation with this gentleman!

1. Welcome! Present as well but yield history of the group.

Czołem! Forehead! Draft Invasion consists of 1 person that is me. A fun started when I found that all the ideas for pieces that regularly forget, I could record. I always had the power of ideas, so as to rozleciał Husarz in which I played bass, filled the pieces. Recently stated that the end of playing time in a drawer and pull it into the daylight. Records all the instruments alone, because I was not able to complete the composition in which I play. How to do something, it is solid and how to do everything yourself at least know to whom claims to have when you go out sneezes. heheh heheh

2. Cuba pogrywałeś his time in Husarzu, what happened to this team. Why is broke and what happens with the other musicians?

Overall, I do not know why this band broke up. There was a strange situation, it simply stopped playing the sample, and so already, perhaps 2 years. Husarz guitarist now plays in The Gits, vocalist drinks vodka and a awanturuje at night, and the drummer was not the "climate" and in principle I do not know what was happening to him. The last time I saw him at the last concert Husarz. All the time it comes on my mind Husarz record numbers so as to finish work on the material Invasion is probably as this will take.

3. So far udostępniliście recorded two songs in the style of Skrewdriver and the Celtic Warrior. Why just those playing in the era of the popular metal scene? Apropo this last band we can say that we have a Polish Billy!

Comparison with Billim and CW is a great compliment for me, but I think it is a bit of overstatement, I did not enable them to heel grows. Why classical RAC? Because I like to listen to most. All day play Hatecore and metal, and I was totally not moving. Crop itself or to listen to Brutal Attack Skullhead. An acquaintance put it perfectly: one prehistoric RAC band from England beats on his head the whole hardcore!

4. What is the theme of your text, and why not in your native language?

The texts are in English, because firstly it easier for me in August invent this language and, secondly, I think English better suited to such a play. The lyrics are about what comes to mind to me when I finish a piece of record and must at last something to sing. Overall, it hehe: racism, fascism, sexism, homophobia. In short, 88% of punkrock!

5. Musical Influences:

Old school UK Rac-on, especially Brutal Attack, my "najulubieńsza" band.

6. Are you guys got any suggestions already publishing?

Not yet, but how to finish recording all the material it will think that this further, as will be someone who will be interested in, then great, if not, I will give it his own expense.

7. What about the concert? Can you play?

Currently I am alone so would be hard. For the ballads do not like hehe. We'll see, I've already got an eye on a few guests who could potentially play so we'll see.

8. Cuba from what I know, you're a music mixing Osttanio worked on Right simple. This is your hobby, or rather professional job?

Definitely a hobby.
How I started to play the recording that I wondered why it all sounds so chujowo. Million articles in the Internet and countless hours spent in forums for the performers sound and still do not know. hehe hehe The PP was so that I hit to Steve's and I could not have evidence that I had something to do over the weekend. Posiedziałem on this Chłopacy few hours and were so pleased that wyjebane old version and replaced it with my miksami. As someone has something to mix it hit me, happy to help.

9. Future plans for the team:

Far to record 10 tracks for the album. Then sell one billion copies and earn Fure hajsu and never go to work.

10. Thanks for the word, last word is yours:

Thanks for your interest!

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