Sunday, February 1, 2015

Kriegs Legion- War Bastard Cd Review

Not long ago we were sent a promo copy of the new cd from Kriegs Legion titled War Bastard which was just released by Streetrock Records. I have to say this is one badass cd, but what can be expected seeing as how it is made up of former members of Rebel Hell.It starts out with the self titled opening track War Bastard and right away it kicks in and grabs you with some fast paced rock n roll complete with blasting drums and driving guitars reminiscent of Metallicas 100 mile per hour thrashing song Whiplash. This sets the tone for entire cd. As Rebel Hell were known for their heavy bass / Motorhead styled rock n roll, Kriegs Legion tunes that down some and replaces it with some faster guitars and drums getting more into some thrash metal territory.  There`s also some great guitar solos in the songs and especially on track Statist Control which is one of my favorites. Speaking of Statist Control, the lyrics on this cd revolve around political issues as well as general war themed lyrics, all of which are printed in the booklet. In closing there`s not many cd`s that I can listen to straight through without getting bored but each song on here mixes it up enough adding something new to keep the aggression going and keeping you pumped up till the end… and then you start it over lol. A great cd overall. Official promo video is posted below as well as the song Statist Control

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