Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Yardbombs - God Bless Americouch

The Yardbombs is the latest project from Jesse of Deaths Head, 16 Tracks of old school punk/hardcore in the vein of Black Flag, Minor Threat etc. 

 “ I always liked the old HC/Punk bands from the early 80’s... there was a sort of serious but juvenile mentality, mixed with a raw simple style of music that would just grab you and shake you, with lyrics that would jump from the serious political, to drinking a six and having a laugh with your pals in the space between songs...and I thought I wanted to try my hand at that...something simple and raw and fun.....with a little depth if thats what you’re looking for as well.” - Jesse.
Tracklist- 3 Cheers for a suburban junkie, Bootprint on your face, Cradle to a slave, Death to..., Democracy is coming, Everybody talking Nobody listening, Fatfucks in sweatpants, He’s a legend, I like pork, I wanna be straightedge, Loose skrews, Necromantic visions, No fucks to give, No going back, Personality disorder, Take me back

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