Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ironwill Interview

Interview with new US band Ironwill. Sent in to us by HC Streetwear

1.       Thank you for taking the the time to do an interview! Since IRONWILL is a new band on the scene, please give us the history of the band. When was the band formed, The band line-up, the recordings, everything leading up to now.

Well the IRONWILL project has really been a work in progress for about 3 years  with no solid lineup until now. My relocating to the pacific northwest USA is the reason for not having the project out sooner. with the help of good friends from back home the project was made possible.  we have had a few different sit ins to help with drums and such but now we are a solid permanent 3 piece crew myself (Skip) on guitar and vocals, Shawn on bass guitar and Foot on the drums.

2.       From the sound of your music it seems like you have a lot of different influences going on. What bands have influenced your sound?

I draw from several styles. Although we sound nothing like Skrewdriver I believe that is my driving force.  Brutal Attack, Motorhead, Cocksparrer, Bathory, the list can go on forever haha

3.       What are most of your songs focused on? What are your main lyrical themes?

The lyrics kind of range from loving our women to being knee deep in our enemies blood.  not to over the top,,,,,,(yet) haha.

4.       Your first release was in late 2013, a three way split with Tomahawk and Hellenic Youth on Label 56. Can you please tell us a little about this recording. How did it come about and can you tell us about your songs on that record?

The Warzone Baby split just kind of happened really fast.  We were preparing to release our full length and had some extra songs that were not going to be on it and decided it would be some good exposure as it was going overseas. The songs on that cd were a bit rough but hey,, some people like rough haha. The song( In The End) was done on acoustic here but electric on the (Until My Boots Turn To Dust) cd.  HC Streetwear has those on the shelf. another song is Brothers war and it is a cry to our brothers and sisters to stop choosing their enemies from our ranks and get back to the real fight.

5.       Quickly following your debut split, you released your first full length album “Until my boots turn to dust” in early 2014 on HC Streetwear Productions. Please tell us about this record and how it came about and the songs, the musical styles ect…

Until my boots turn to dust was as I said a slow process and recorded in many trips to the studio. The styles seem as though they change from song to song a bit I suppose but that would be due to who was sitting on the drums and how much mead was in the horn that day haha.

6.       Has the band played and live concerts? Please tell us about your gigs.

Yes with our new squad we just played the first IRONWILL concert this past weekend in central California USA. We shared the stage with Bouncing Betty from Minnesota and Sniper from Finland. It was excellent show and future plans came out of that show. Finland? hmmmm.

7.       Have you done any other recordings besides what has been released so far?

I have a suitcase full of tapes and demos from throughout the years. Maybe someday we will pull them out and we can all have a laugh

8.       What are the future plans for IRONWILL?

Good question. I suppose we will continue to write music that we feel is true to our heart and bend at the knees to nobody in this fight to preserve our blood.

.9.       Where can people get your albums? Do you have any merchandise available?

As of now we only have the 2 cds out and we covered that already however HC Streetwear also has shirts and hoodies available

10.   Any closing words or info you would like to share?

HAIL ODIN.   (as Skip drinks deep from the horn) 88!
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